All advertisements to be posted in the University Union must be submitted to the University Union information desk for approval. Union staff will post the advertisement.

Posting is never allowed on doors, windows, trees, poles, benches, lampposts, walkways, etc. Posting in academic buildings should only occur on approved free posting boards. Some academic buildings may not have any free posting boards, which limits the ability to post in those buildings, as taping to walls is not allowed.

  • No flyers are to be taped to the walls of Linthicum Hall, the Psychology Building or the Lecture Hall.
  • In Linthicum Hall, posting is limited to the metal clips on the walls. Permission to post in Linthicum Hall, the College of Liberal Arts building, and the Lecture Hall should be obtained from the College of Liberal Arts dean’s office (LI 108).
  • Permission to post in the Psychology Building, should be obtained from the Psychology Department (PY 200).

SGA-affiliated and SGA-budgeted organizations are eligible to advertise in the SGA kiosks on campus. Contact the SGA director of university communications or bring the advertisements to the SGA office for posting.

Procedures for Handling Posting Violations

  • If a posting that violates this policy is found on campus, then the students, student groups or departments found in violation of this policy will be notified and given one business day to remove the postings. If a student organization is mentioned in a posting, then the president of the organization will be held responsible for seeing that the violation is corrected. If after one business day the illegally posted materials are not removed, the group or individual responsible will be fined $100 and Facilities Management will clean the surface.
  • If a posting violation occurs but is not associated with a student organization or department, but can be attributed to a Towson University student (e.g. member of a band) then the individual will be contacted and asked to remove the illegal postings.
  • After an organization or individual has received a warning regarding this policy, the second offense will immediately result in a fine.
  • When necessary, Towson University reserves the right to involve the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education regarding alleged violations of the posting policy.

Questions regarding this policy or alleged violations should be directed to the Student Activities, UU 217, 410-704-3307.