Every time you bring artists, vendors, and/or outside guests (i.e. speakers, performers, DJs) to campus, you must submit a completed Towson University Entertainment Contract to your Events and Conference Services Event Manager. These contracts must be completed because they help us protect ourselves and our resources; they clearly establish the expectations of both parties and how potential negative issues will be resolved; and they are legal documents enforceable in a court of law.

This contract should only be signed by a Student Activities staff member. Students should never create or sign a contract themselves, as whoever signs it is legally bound to meet the terms of the agreement, not a student organization, Student Activities, or Towson University.
Below you will find everything you should need to complete the contract process on your own. This includes:

  1. A fillable PDF of the Towson University Entertainment Contract
  2. “How To” document on how to complete the Towson University Entertainment Contract
  3. Blank W9 form (which only needs to be completed when you are paying an artist/vendor)

If you ever have any questions/concerns regarding this process, please contact Jackie Fulop, Coordinator of Campus Programming, at jfulop@towson.edu.