In order to receive a funding from the Student Government Association, you must reach a package 3 or higher on the Tiger Stripes program. Once your organization has decided to apply for a budget, your organization must complete the following budgeting requirements:

Budgeting Requirements:

Treasurer’s Workshop
This is a meeting to review the budgeting process. It is lead by the Treasurer of the Student Government Association. \
Treasurer’s Workshop presentation.
  • One officer from your organization must attend. It is recommended that the treasurer of you organization is the one to attend.


Initial Budget
  • Itemized budget
  • Request for all expenses
  • Proper research

Submit to Blackboard by October 1st

FAC Meeting
  • Financial Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Meet with an SGA senator to review initial budget
  • Check to follow the financial policy
  • Go over changes to make for the final submission
Final Budget
  • Last opportunity to make changes to budget
  • Last chance to choose an account extension
  • Should include any changes discussed at FAC meeting

Submit to Blackboard by October 29th

 Final Research
  • Proof of mileage, hotel costs, conference registration forms, estimates for student organization budgets.
  • Senators have a responsibility to make sure your groups are including the proper research
  • Research is mandatory for:
    • Budget submissions
    • Budget hearing
    • Supplemental requests
    • Just Do It/ Collaboration fund applications