Similar to a resume, your Student Engagement Record is a listing of all of your key experiences here at Towson University. The Student Engagement Record is helpful for articulating what your experiences have taught you outside of your academic experience and can be used as a supplemental document for job interviews or grad school applications.

To update your Student Engagement Record follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Log in at top right

3. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right and select “Involvement” from the drop down screen.

4. Select the last choice on the gray toolbar that should read Student Engagement Record.

5. Select which experiences you wish to show/hide

6. To add experiences, click on “Add” along the blue Involvement bar and you will be able to select from the involvement you have on the website. If you do not have any experiences on Involved@TU to select from you will have to add them. Steps to add additional experiences can be found by clicking here.


7. To save your engagement record you can select print or PDF at the very top.

To receive credit for this requirement, you must have two officers update their Student Engagement Record and submit the PDF’s to the link under the campus links tab on Involved@Tu labeled by December 7th. NOTE: Both pdf’s must be submitted at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Engagement records with solely organizational involvement will not be accepted! Please follow the additional steps found by clicking here if you need to add additional experiences to your record before submitting.