How do I post to Towson Tigers Today (T3)?

All submissions should be sent to

  • Towson Tigers Today (T3) is a means to conduct university business providing the university community with timely and accessible news, informational announcements and communications applicable to the activities of recognized campus organizations.
  • Contributing items that impact small segments of the university community will result in news overload. Approved submissions will affect the entire campus, not just your selected group.
  • General meetings will not be posted unless the meeting involves a guest speaker or group elections.
  • Postings turned in by 3 p.m. the day prior to the requested start date typically will be posted. Postings for weekends/Mondays must be submitted by 3 p.m. on Friday. If all information is not included, postings will not go live until the administrator receives the correct information.
  • Only student organization events which comply with regulations (e.g. movie screenings, raffles) and have proper documentation submitted to the Student Activities will be posted. Petitions and protests will not be posted.
  • Only fundraisers that are events will be posted. Recruitment events will be limited to two recruitment postings per term.

The following information MUST be included in a submission of a T3 message. Failure to include this information will result in a delay of posting.

  • Your full name: Should someone from your organization question the posting, we need to be able to say who submitted it.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization(s): Must be an organization that is recognized by the SA or SGA. Outside organizations cannot be posted.
  • The headline/title of your message: The headline should be descriptive and in proper title case.
  • Target population: All Campus, faculty/staff, or students.
  • Start date for the message: Postings received after
    3 p.m. during the week will typically not be entered into the system until the next business day.
  • Content of the announcement: Must include who, what, when, where and why information and be in plain text. Remember, this is how you sell your event. Please make your content descriptive and interesting.
  • Contact information: People who want to learn more about your organization or event must have a way to reach you (e.g., e-mail addresses, Web sites, phone numbers, room or office locations).

Please proof read your submission; it is not the responsibility of the T3 administrator to edit your announcement.  Articles that require extensive revisions, or contain inaccurate or incomplete information will be rejected and returned to the sending party.

Acceptable Uses:

  • To announce significant structural and organizational changes
  • To announce events sponsored by the university or student organizations

Unacceptable Uses:

  • To make personal announcements
  • To make small-scale announcements that only pertain to a specific class or course
  • To announce employment opportunities of any sort

How do I publicize my group’s events and/or announcements?

  • Ads in The Towerlight
    • E-mail the SGA Director of University Communications at least one week prior to when you would like it to be posted (space is limited).
  • Contact local radio stations
  • Contact local colleges
    • Submit your event to the Collegetown Web site. Go to and click on “Submit your event” along the bottom of the page
  • Electronic message board (on Potomac Patio)
    • E-mail the SGA Director of University Communications.
  • Inside academic buildings
    • Do not post on doors, windows, benches or on any painted surface
    • Post on free bulletin boards (confirm your flier placement with the department prior to posting)
    • For more information, please see the Posting Policy in this handbook
  • Message board in Paws lounge
    • Go to the Student Government Association office (UU226) to fill out the form.
  • Post event on Towson’s master calendar
    • Go to and login using your TU username and password. Click on “Submit an event” on the right hand side of the page.
    • Enter all necessary information. Upon approval, the event will be posted to the master calendar.
  • Press release to WMJF-TV and WTMD
  • Post on Towson Tigers Today
    • See ”How to Post to the Towson Tigers Today (T3)
  • Residence halls
    • Bring a copy to the Housing and Residence Life office in Newell Hall for approval
    • If approved, provide one copy for each of the 15 residence halls to post
    • For more information, see the Housing and Residence Life Posting Policy in this handbook
  • Student organizations
    • Bring fliers to the SGA office to be put in student organization and Greek Life mailboxes
  • Table tents in dining halls
    • Contact Beth Valle at or visit Dining Services (located in Susquehanna in the University Union) for approval
  • University Union
    • Bulletin boards: Drop off two copies at the University Union information desk
    • Reserve a table on the first or second floor by visiting the University Union information desk


  • Take your advertisements down after your event. No one pays attention to fliers that have been up for too long.
  • Know that if any of your fliers are posted somewhere they shouldn’t be they will be taken down and your group may be subject to a fine, as outlined in the Posting Policy. Do not waste all that money on copies! Put them in a place where they will stay posted.


How does my group complete our mandatory community service hour requirement?

  • All SGA-budgeted organizations must fulfill the mandatory community service requirement.
  • Each budgeted organization must complete five hours per term and have at least one-third of the organization’s active members participate in service. Each affiliated organization must complete three hours per term and have at least one-third of the organization’s members participate in the service. This means that one-third of your active members needs to actively participate in a project or series of projects. For example, if there are 30 people in your organization, at least 10 of them must do something that serves the community. Then, your group as a whole needs to complete five (budgeted) or three (affiliated) hour’s total. One-third of the student organization will be determined by the roster submitted on Involved@TU. The SGA will make the student organization aware of how many students are required to fulfill the service requirement.
  • The CSR (community service representative) for each student organization is required to fill out the SGA Community Requirement form. The form will need to be signed by the leader/director/president of the organization/company/school/etc. that you are performing the service for. The SGA director of community outreach will contact this person to confirm that the requirement has been fulfilled. You can find the form on Involved@TU in the SGA document section. This form is due by the last day of classes each term.
  • Failure to complete this requirement by a budgeted organization will result in: A) a warning, B) a decrease in monies given to the student organization by the SGA, or C) a hold on the student organization’s budget for the following semester. Failure to complete this requirement by an affiliated organization will result in: A) a warning, B) a hold on room reservations, or C) the loss of room reservation privileges for the following semester. The punishment will be determined by the SGA Financial Standards Committee (FSC) and then voted on by the SGA senate. The Financial Standards Committee consists of four SGA senators and the SGA treasurer. These students evaluate all student organizations in violation during the budgeting process.

Helpful hints!

  • Helpful resources for completing the service requirement:
    • Subscribe to the volunteer Listserv and receive a weekly e-mail detailing all of the upcoming opportunities both on campus and in the surrounding community. To subscribe to the Listserv, e-mail and write “subscribe volunteer-l”(lowercase “L”) on the first line of text.
    • Pick up a volunteer newsletter which details upcoming volunteer opportunities at the beginning of each month in the OSA, UU 217.
    • Don’t understand or need more help? Contact the SGA Director of Community Outreach (


How do I request a Towson Email or ListServ for my group?

There are two different e-mail options available to student organizations: E-mail alias and MajorDomo Listserv.

E-mail alias

  • When should I use this?
    • When the list of recipients is fairly small (five or fewer). All recipients must use a Towson e-mail account. This is a great communication device for use outside of the organization. It is essentially a forwarding address.
  • How do I get one?
    • Go to the SGA office (UU 226) and pick up the Student Organization E-mail Request form, or get one online under downloadable files. Be sure to have it signed by your advisor before you bring it to the office.
    • Then what? OTS will contact you to finalize the request.

MajorDomo Listserv

  • When should I use this?
    • This is normally used when the list of recipients is fairly large (more than five) and can include a mixture of students, faculty, staff and external (non-Towson University) addresses. This is a great communication device for use within the organization. It acts like a discussion group, so if someone within your organization of 20 members sent an email to the list, all 20 members will receive the email.
  • How do I get one?
    • To request a MajorDomo distribution list, contact the OTS Help Center at with:
      • Towson e-mail address and phone number of requestor
      • Owner of list (name and e-mail address), if other than requestor
      • Distribution list name (ex. CGS-l; the lowercase “L” is required)
      • Do you want the e-mail alias option? (This will allow mail to be sent to rather than
      • Short description of list (fifty words or fewer)
      • Then what? OTS will contact you to finalize the request.

How do I request to use a Towson University vehicle for my group?

There are two different offices dealing with university transportation: University Fleet Services and Parking and Transportation Services. Remember, before your organization takes a trip, all members that are traveling must have a Travel Liability Waiver on file with the Student Activities. The forms are available in Student Activities (UU 217), the Student Government Association (UU 226) and online at

Keep in mind: Cleared students may drive sedans and mini-vans; after the van training they may drive the larger passenger (10-pax) vans. In the event that a University van is not available or your trip is more than 600 miles ’round trip, you need to hire a Commercial rental. They (Enterprise or Budget) do not allow people less than 21 years of age to drive the large passenger vans.

University Fleet Services (UFS)

  • Deals with the reservation of sedans, mini-vans, 10-passenger full-size vans and commercial rental vehicles.
  • These vehicles must be driven by a member of your organization who has been cleared to drive university vehicles. Drivers’ clearance includes driver clearance forms and passing a driver training course through UFS.
  • After gaining clearance, go to to reserve a university vehicle.
  • Charges range from $.54–.96 per mile (dependent upon which kind of vehicle is used and is subject to change).
  • For more info, call UFS at 410-704-2493 or go to
    adminfinance/facilities/transportation/UniversityVehicleUsage.asp to view all guidelines as listed on the UFS Web site.

Parking and Transportation Services

  • Deals with the large university shuttles, smaller paratransit shuttles, university chartered buses and privately chartered buses used for off-campus trips.
  • The chartered buses come with a driver, but a larger fee is charged and you may be responsible for paying for the driver’s meals.
  • While using these buses, all students must adhere to the guidelines listed in this handbook, under Policy on Buses to Campus for Student Organizations.
  • For more info, call STS at 410-704-7275 or go to
    adminfinance/auxservices/parking/charters.asp to view all guidelines as listed on the Parking and Transportation Services Web site.

For information on how to get a driver clearance, please visit the “How do I get a university driver clearance?” FAQ by clicking this link.

How do I get a University Driver Clearance?

  • Request a copy of your driving record from the MVA in the state where your license was issued.
    • MD residents: University Fleet Services can obtain a Maryland driving record with the driver clearance request form in about one week (depending on the date submitted) or you can do it yourself from the nearest Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) location (it costs approximately $15.00).
    • Out-of-state residents: You will have to acquire your driving record from your state MVA office.
  • You must complete and pass the Maryland online (DDT) Defensive Driving Technique through the office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) on campus.
    • Fleet Services will contact EHS and copy you via email. Wait for EHS, Donna McLaughlin (410-704-2949) or to contact you.
    • Be prepared with your student ID number, found on your OneCard.
    • Donna McLaughlin will provide you with a password to initiate the online training.
    • After you pass this quiz and your official driving record has been received, you will then be eligible to drive university sedans and mini-vans.
    • Fill out the “Driver Clearance Form” located in the Student Government Association (UU 226). This form must be signed by a department head, advisor, president or other authorized signature.
  • Attend a Van Training Session through Fleet Services (410-704-2493).
    • It takes about one to one-and-a-half hours depending on the size of the class.
    • You watch a short video then drive the van with the instructor.
  • After completing the DDT, submitting your MVA driving record, and passing the van training, you can now reserve a vehicle.
    • Go to to reserve a university Vehicle. (Forms are also available in the SGA Resource Area.)
    • Charge is between $.54-.96 per mile (depends on which kind of vehicle is used).

How does my group show a movie on campus?

Why does my organization need to get permission to show this film?

Movies on VHS or DVD are copyrighted and cannot be shown publicly without the consent of the distributor. Copyright infringement is a serious offense that is the equivalent of stealing from a film distributor. This means that they can take legal action against you.

When do you need permission?

Permission to show a film is necessary more often than you might think. Some common examples are:

  • Any time you show a film in the Union or any other public university space (e.g., classroom, lounge or common area at the university). These spaces are considered “public” spaces and showing the movie in these areas is the equivalent to showing them in a theater.
  • You need permission even if the film showing is for educational purposes. If the distributor has special permission for films shown for educational purposes, they will still need to give you the written confirmation you need to protect your event under the law and University Union policy.

Note: Your department may already have permission to show the film. If you are showing the film in conjunction with an academic department, they may already have permission, so check with them.

How can I get permission?

Getting permission for showing most films is fairly simple. Most mainstream films that are distributed for non-commercial use come from one of two main distributors:

  • SWANK Motion Pictures, Incorporated;; 1-800-876-5577
  • Criterion;; 1-800-890-9494

You can also conduct a Web search to learn the distributor of the film. A good place to start is, the Internet Movie Database. Simply go to the site, type your film in to the search area, and choose the correct film from the results. Once you choose your film, go to “Company Credits” and look up “distribution.”

If you still cannot find out who distributes the film, you can call 310-247-3020, the Reference Library of the Motion Picture Academy.

Is this going to cost money?

Possibly. The only way for you to determine this is to call the distributor, explain under what context the film will be shown, and see what they can do for you. Have all the information below handy when you speak with the film’s distributor. Remember, newer movies will cost more than older movies!

What is a film distributor going to ask me?

  • Your name and the name of the organization you are working with
  • How you intend to show the film (Advertise, all over campus vs. to a small group, whether you are charging, what kind of venue you are showing the film in)
  • If there is a fee, how your organization will pay for the rights to show the movie
  • Contact information for your organization
  • Whether or not you need them to send you a copy of the film

I have permission, now what?

Once you have obtained the rights, you will receive a written record of your permission to show the film. If a distribution company is unable to provide this confirmation, they should send you a letter that certifies that you have legally obtained the rights to show the film. Many companies will also give you information to get free promotional goods to use when advertising your event.

This is so complicated! Why don’t I just not tell the OSA that I am showing a film?

Even though it sounds complicated, it really is not difficult to obtain the proper permission to show films on campus. It will definitely take less time and money than defending yourself or your organization in court if you are caught! Intellectual copyright infringement is being prosecuted more and more on college campuses. It is just not worth the risk!

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

If you have questions specifically regarding the need for permission when showing films, or would like more information about copyrights, film events or planning an event around a film, please contact Student Activities at 410-704-3307.

Who/what is the SGA senator for my group?

Another benefit to Package 1+ student organizations is representation by a SGA Senator.  The SGA senator is assigned annually by the SGA Director of Student Groups and can answer any questions that you may have about your student organization.  The SGA senator will check in periodically throughout the semester and is an important resource for your organization!

Student group senators can be found on the group’s individual Involved@TU page under the profile tab or on the Tiger Stripes google document next to the group’s name.

What is the Tiger Stripes Program?

The Tiger Stripes Program is Towson’s incentive based program for student organizations that aims to reward organizations for positively contributing to campus life and developing their student group.  All registered student organizations are automatically enrolled in the Tiger Stripes Program.  The Tiger Stripes program consists of four different packages each offering different rewards where organizations are given the option to choose which types of benefits they aim to receive.  For those organizations only looking for a space to meet on campus, there is a package for that.  For organizations looking to receive funding for hosting multiple large campus events, there is a package for that as well, and everything in-between.

How does Tiger Stripes Work?

Each semester your organization will have the option to complete various requirements to receive the associated rewards.  All requirements that are completed during the current semester will yield the equivalent benefits the FOLLOWING semester.  For instance, an organization that completes all requirements for Package 3 during the Fall semester, will be given all Package 3 benefits starting in the Spring.  There are typically two deadlines during the semester when items need to be completed which are advertised during the Student Group Summits and reminders e-mailed to the primary contact for your organization.  After the final deadline, typically a week before finals, all items must be submitted in order to be counted for the current semester.  Package statuses are changed only at the conclusion of each Fall and Spring semester after the final deadline. The Fall 2015 deadlines can be found here or you can download a package specific checklist, complete with deadlines, here. Still confused?  Click here for a more detailed example.

At any time you can log onto your organizations Involved@TU page ( and view your organization’s current package.  Alternatively you can view the Tiger Stripes google document here.  Please note that new organizations are added to the Google Doc the semester after they are formed.  For more information about new student organizations and Tiger Stripes, click here.

What is a detailed example of how Tiger Stripes works?

The geometry club at the beginning of Fall 2015 completed all of the requirements to be a package 2 organization the previous Spring.  They know they would like to go to a geometry conference in Spring 2016 and looking at the rewards they decide they would like to try to aim for Package 4 so they can get access to a travel budget.  Throughout the Fall 2015 semester they complete all of the requirements for Package 4 and submit their budget for Spring 2016.  Beginning Spring 2016 they are now a Package 4 organization and attend their geometry conference.  Looking forward to Fall 2016, they decide they do not need a travel budget and that the Package 2 benefits are all they will need for the Fall semester.  They complete the Package 2 requirements during Spring 2016 and go back to Package 2 organization during Fall 2016.

What are the Spring 2016 Tiger Stripes Deadlines?

The two primary Tiger Stripes deadlines are February 29th, 2016 and May 9th, 2016. The requirements due at each deadline are specified below. In addition to these two major days there are also a few dates listed of conferences and workshops a club representative must be in attendance for. The last set of dates are only necessary if your group is planning to be a package 3 or 4 and apply for a SGA budget. If you know what package your group is trying to complete the requirements for,  you can download a package specific Tiger Stripes Checklist including all of the dates here.


February 29th, 2016

  • Online registration form
  • Email roster to SGA senator


May 9th, 2016

  • Community service uploaded to Involved@TU
  • Hold one event open to all students on campus
  • Host an event in collaboration with another group whose purpose is different than yours
  • Have at least two officers complete the student engagement record

Funding Requirement Deadlines

  • Treasurer Workshops (Saturday, September 12th)
  • FAC Meeting
  • Submit Initial Budget
  • Submit Final Budget
  • Budget Hearing

Other Dates

What if my student organization is new?

If your organization just started this semester, your organization automatically is granted all of the Package 1 benefits beginning immediately following the registration process.  This will allow your organization reserve meeting space on campus, post flyers and host events.  During this first semester, you are not required to turn in or complete any other Tiger Stripes requirements.  We want you to focus on getting your organization off the ground and not about turning in any additional items (furthermore, new organizations are not eligible for funding from SGA until having been registered for two full semesters on campus).  Beginning the following semester, you will be eligible to start completing additional requirements to change your status for the future.  If you are not aiming to receive additional benefits that’s perfectly fine, just be sure to complete the minimum Package 1 requirements such that your organization can remain active.  Click here to see an example of this timeline.

What is an example timeline for a new group?

The poster making club is created on November 1st, 2015.  For the rest of the Fall semester the poster making club is given all of the Package 1 benefits allowing them to meet on campus and make posters to their hearts content.  They are not required to turn in any Tiger Stripes criteria during this semester.  Starting in Spring 2016, the poster making club now has the option to complete requirements for any Package of their choosing, but must complete at least the Package 1 requirements.  If they completed Package 3 requirements in Spring 2016, they would begin Fall 2016 as a package 3 organization.

What package is right for my organization?

Each semester your group can pick which rewards you are going to aim to receive.  An organization can “skip” from Package 1 all the way to Package 4 over the course of a single semester so long as they complete all of the requirements.  Each package builds on the one previous, such that a Package 2 organization automatically receives all Package 1 benefits in addition to those benefits of Package 2.  Organizations are encouraged to examine the various rewards and strive to achieve the rewards that would best benefit their organization.  Have a discussion with your organization, or at minimum your group’s officers, to develop a plan for achieving the package number that best suits your organization.  Do not wait until the end of the semester to have this discussion, have this conversation the beginning of each semester so that you have time to meet the requirements.

Are there any minimum requirements?

Yes all organizations must maintain at least the Package 1 requirements on a semester by semester basis.  By completing these items it lets us know that your organization is still actively meeting on campus, that we have the proper contact information for your organization, that you have a current full-time Towson faculty/staff advisor, and allows us to give you proper training on important student organization policies.  If your organization fails to meet these minimum requirements you will be put on a probation status and if not corrected, marked inactive.

How do I re-register my organization on Involved@TU

At the beginning of each semester we ask all organizations to complete a re-registration form on Involved@TU.  This is important as it lets us know that we have your most current information on the Involved@TU website and ensures that you are able to receive updates from Student Activities, Student Government and prospective students that want to join your club.  By completing this form you will be given full administrative rights of the organization and become the primary contact for the club.  Re-registration is only open for the first month of each semester.  To complete your re-registration:

  • Log into Involved@TU with your Towson Net ID/password (
  • Click on the “organizations” tab
  • Search for your organization
  • Click the ‘register this organization’ button under your group’s name
  • Complete the form

What is my organizations constitution?

This is the guiding document for how your organization operates which is also used to settle any disputes among officers or members in regards to elections, responsibilities or impeachment.  It is important that each organization have a constitution to carry continuity from one executive board to the next.  This document can be found on your organization’s Involved@TU page under the “documents” section.  Your organization should have one already listed here.  If not, your constitution may be lost and you should check with past officers to see if they have a copy.  This is verified biannually.  If your organization needs to make changes to its constitution please e-mail the Coordinator for Student Organizations who will guide you through the process.

What is the student group summit?

At the beginning of each semester Student Activities and the Student Government Association host training sessions for all student organization officers.  These meetings go into detail about the Tiger Stripes Program as well as other key policies that affect student groups such as posting policies, room reservations, contracts etc.  It is a requirement that each organization have at least one representative, preferably the President or another executive board member attend to gain this important information.  Additional officers are encouraged to attend.  If no executive board members can attend a general member will be accepted, however the organization is responsible for transferring that information.  Dates for the Student Group Summits are advertised over summer/winter breaks and reminders sent to the primary contacts for student organizations.

Fall 2015 we upgraded the old Student Group Summits to a conference called “Learn Your Stripes”. Learn more about that here.

What is the Learn Your Stripes: Student Group Leadership Summit?

Learn your Stripes: Student Group Leadership Summit is an upgraded version of the Student Group Summits from past years. This fall the summit will be held on Saturday, September 12th 2015 from 10AM to 4PM. The morning session is still required for all organizations to attend and will be similar to past summits, in the overview of packages and university policies. The rest of the day include time to meet and begin collaboration with other student organizations, meet your SGA senator, free lunch, and break out sessions with additional training. The afternoon sessions will also include the Treasurer Workshop, a requirement if applying for a SGA budget. For having at least one member in attendance at the Student Group Leadership Summit, your group will receive a 10 hour deduction in required community service for the semester.

RSVP here 

The additional break-out training session topics are:

  1. Treasurer Workshop
  2. Recruiting and retaining members
  3. Contracts
  4. How to run an effective meeting
  5. What counts for community service
  6. ECS complex event policy/Ticketing
  7. Developing a Tiger Stripes plan
  8. Center for Student Diversity
  9. Involved@TU
  10. Student engagement record

How do I reserve a room for my group?

When you become a Package 1 student organization, you are entitled various types of benefits to use throughout the semester.  Among these benefits are room reservations.  These rooms can be requested through Events and Conference Services (ECS) for individual meetings, events, or recurring weekly meetings.  These reservations can be made through the ECS website by clicking on Facility Reservations, and then Facility Reservation Form after reading through the information.  It is important to note that space is limited and is granted on a first come, first serve basis, so request early!  To check what spaces have already been reserved you can use the Space Availability Checker.  Only one representative per student organization can reserve a room on behalf of the group, and this can be done by agreeing to the policies in the ECS handbook which is a part of every registration of student organizations.

How do I sign up for the Involvement Fair?

The Involvement Fair that occurs the first week in both the Fall and Spring semesters.  The Involvement Fair is an ability to showcase your student organization and gain new potential members.  Registration for the Involvement Fair is sent to the primary contact at the end of each semester.  The earlier you sign up, the greater the chance you have a high priority table (Package 3 and 4 organizations get priority placement).

What is an Involved@TU page used for?

Your organization is also given an organization page on Involved@TU (  This page gives you an official listing of all current members, promote your organization to potential new members, post upcoming events, and used by SGA and Student Activities to contact your organization. It is also the contact information that the SGA will use to get in contact with your group, so make sure the the information is up to date!

What is the website & email alias benefit?

In addition to an organization page on Involved@TU, Package 1+ student organizations have option to create a website and email alias.  For example, the geometry club can create the website, and have administrative control of the website.  In addition, you can create an email address that goes to all executive board members.  The forms for creating a website and email alias are available in the SGA office. There are two type of group emails you can sign up for, learn more about the options or set one up here.

What if I want to post flyer?

Package 1+ student organizations have the privilege to posting flyers on campus and in various buildings around the Towson Campus.  This gives your student organization to advertise membership, meetings, and upcoming events you’re holding!  It is important to remember that all original flyers need to be approved and stamped by the SGA office in order to hang them around campus.  Make sure to follow the posting procedures to make sure you are placing them in the correct location in the buildings.

How can I post on university electronic advertisements?

Student organizations receive the ability to post electronic advertisements to Towson Tigers Today (T3) as well as post events onto the Master Events Calendar (  Information about submitting an event to T3 can be located at the bottom of T3 emails under “policy and procedures.” When submitting an event to the Master Events Calendar, make sure the location field is filled out, and that you choose Student Government Association as your department.  This is very important! This will allow your event to be approved!

What is a SGA supplemental?

Package 2+ student organizations can request a SGA supplemental request to request funds for a single event or activity.  The request must follow SGA financial policy which can be found on the SGA website. It is important to note that due to limited funds in the supplemental account, all requests are not guaranteed to be approved.  To request a supplemental fund, contact your SGA senator, and they will write a finance bill stating your request.  The student organization must do research for the costs of your requests prior to emailing their SGA senator.

What is the Conowingo Lounge?

The Conowingo Lounge is the student group and greek life lounge located in Susquehanna Terrace.  Conowingo Lounge has computer computers and workspace for use by the organization’s officers for free printing (must bring own paper), and to have small executive board meetings.  Swipe card access is necessary and can be granted for up to four members which will be taken care of by emailing the SGA director of Student Groups.

How do I get a SGA mailbox?

Package 2+ student organizations are able to have a mailbox in the SGA office.  This will allow the student organization to receive mail and packages delivered on campus.  To request a mailbox, the student organization must email the Administrative Assistant for SGA, Mary Leeper, at

What money can my group get budgeted for?

Package 2 & 3 student organizations can receive one supplemental a semester, and package 4 can receive two. What is a supplemental? Package 3 student organizations can request a budget from SGA with access to activity, equipment, advertising accounts.  Package 4 student organizations have access to those three accounts and an additional travel account. Package 3 & 4 can also receive up to $150 dollars for a banner for the organization and $225 for food at group meetings.  These organizations can also request funds from the Collaboration Fund.

How do I submit Community Service hours?

All hours must be documented by group members under your organization’s Involved@TU page.

For your members to submit their own hours:

Log in at top right

Search for your organization

Click on “Service Hours” on the left hand side of the page (they must be listed on the group’s roster to submit service hours)

List the activity and verification contact’s name and e-mail address.

The verification contact needs to be from the service site or activity, not a member of your organization

To approve:
A group officer needs to log in and click “Service hours -> Manage Service hours” to approve that the service activity and time listed are correct

Alternatively you can assign service hours for your members by logging in and clicking “Service hours -> Manage Service hours” on your group’s page.

Click “Add service hours”, type the student’s name that completed the service and then fill out the information for the service activity as above

Hours must be logged for EACH student that participated not as a lump sum (IE: four submissions for 6 hours each under 4 students name as opposed to one submission for 24 hours)

Deadline for Service hour submissions is December 5th.

What is the community service deduction?

This semester there were two opportunities to receive a ten hour deduction off of the community service requirements. The first was if a member of your student group attended the Leadership Connections Conference and the second was if a member of your student group stayed to the end of the Student Groups Leadership Summit and turned in one of the surveys. In the google document found here, a small x represents the first conference and the large X is for the Leadership Summit. The deductions will be used to calculate the requirements after the deadline of May 9th.

Where/ when do I turn in fundraising money?

The deadline to turn in fundraising money from your group is Monday December 7th, 2015 at 5:00 pm. The money can be turned into the box office on the first floor of the Union.

How does my group get credit for our collaboration event?

The collaboration event requirement is to hold one event that is co-sponsored with another organization who has a purpose that is different from your own group’s. The event must be open to all students on campus. Organizations must work together to host the event and share in planning the responsibilities.


Prior to your event, the co-sponsored event must be listed on Involved@TU.

After your event, one representative form the event (NOT one from each group) must fill out a form found in the campus links section on the top right of the homepage.

You will not receive credit for the event if this form is not completed.

How do I add new experiences to Involved@TU?

Adding new experiences to Involved@Tu will allow for you to add them to your Student Engagement Record which can serve as an additional resume. Adding experiences (besides the student organization involvement that is automatically included to your record) is required for the Tiger Stripes Package Four Requirement.

For more information on updating the Student Engagement record click here.

To add experiences to Involved@TU follow the steps below.

1. Go to

2. Log in at top right

3. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right and select “Involvement” from the drop down screen.

4. Select the third choice on the gray toolbar that should read “Experiences.”

5. Press “Add Experience” and select the proper description for the activity you are adding from the drop down menu.

6. Fill out the questions for the particular experience and select save.

7. The career center will review these submissions and approve them so you can add them to your student engagement record.

What is the student engagement record Tiger Stripes Requirement?

Similar to a resume, your Student Engagement Record is a listing of all of your key experiences here at Towson University. The Student Engagement Record is helpful for articulating what your experiences have taught you outside of your academic experience and can be used as a supplemental document for job interviews or grad school applications.

To update your Student Engagement Record follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Log in at top right

3. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right and select “Involvement” from the drop down screen.

4. Select the last choice on the gray toolbar that should read Student Engagement Record.

5. Select which experiences you wish to show/hide

6. To add experiences, click on “Add” along the blue Involvement bar and you will be able to select from the involvement you have on the website. If you do not have any experiences on Involved@TU to select from you will have to add them. Steps to add additional experiences can be found by clicking here.


7. To save your engagement record you can select print or PDF at the very top.

To receive credit for this requirement, you must have two officers update their Student Engagement Record and submit the PDF’s to the link under the campus links tab on Involved@Tu labeled by December 7th. NOTE: Both pdf’s must be submitted at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Engagement records with solely organizational involvement will not be accepted! Please follow the additional steps found by clicking here if you need to add additional experiences to your record before submitting.